Brandon Ellis, a Creative, Artsy, Multi-talented, Positive 16 year old from New Orleans, Louisiana, who created his own website bbellis.com was initially discovered as being
gifted in art at the early age of 7 while drawing in elementary school. Brandon, currently in the 10th grade remains a Talented Art Student. At the age of 11 Brandon enrolled at the Ellis Marsalis Center in New Orleans for Digital Media classes due to his love for computers. Brandon met the renown Artist and Mentor Brandan “B. Mike” Odums” who provided training in Camera Operation and Video Editing. Brandon received a stipend for completing the program and used the money along with his other savings and purchased his first Canon camera.  Brandon began researching various editing software, later creating short videos, and photography.

In the summer of 2014 Brandon joined B. Mike's Summer Session in which the students were trained in camera operation for filming, script writing, acting, and was mentored by B. Mike and other special guests. Upon completion of the Summer session each group wrote, directed and filmed their own short film regarding Hurricane Katrina (10 year anniversary) Brandon was initially the videographer for his group, but then was selected to play one of the main characters in their short film titled," We are New Orleans." Brandon discovered he had a niche for acting, which later led to him signing with Dell Corral Talent agency and he has been featured in 3 commercials.

That same year Brandon won an art contest in the 8th grade and his artwork was displayed on all of the 8th grade student’s t- shirts.

Brandon Ellis currently does Videography, Editing, and Photography. Brandon uses his skills in Video production to inspire the youth that it ok to be unique, and it would be a blessing, if they can each utilize their unique talents to promote peace, Trust in God in times of difficulty, and feels his generation can make a difference in this world. He is very passionate in all that he does, and his work depicts his dedication and love for it all.

 Brandon did a Video Production for the Kappa's Probate at Loyola University, and the members were impressed by his work at such a young age. Later the Kappa's Gretna Chapter acknowledged Brandon’s great work at their Christmas Gala on December 14, 2016 presenting him with a “Diamond in the Rough Award.” On December 17, 2016 Brandon was chosen by Kimberly Dilosa, Founder of YOUTHanasia Foundation to be honored as one of the most powerful youth in Greater New Orleans, and will have a radio commercial produced about his accomplishments on Q93 starting in January 2017.

He is a member of the 100 Black Men of New Orleans, an organization whose mission is to strengthen the future of black youth, mentoring, education, health/wellness, and economic empowerment. They have fed the homeless, and assisted with the I-Heart radio Christmas Toy give away.

Brandon began an interest in modeling, because of his love for fashion at the age of 13. His dapper style of dress gained the attention of many of his peers and teachers. He began studying well known male models, and the fashion industry. His mother took pictures of him with his Canon camera, and Brandon began researching local agencies emailing his pictures and a statement regarding his desire to model. He received one runway training session with Leslie Legania before auditioning for New Orleans Fashion week 2015. Brandon nailed the walk during the audition and was later selected to participate in New Orleans fashion week for designer Colby Jack March 2016. He also participated in a runway training workshop hosted by Tracee Dundas, President/Executive Producer of New Orleans Fashion Week and Mr. John Dye.

The New Orleans Fashion week experience boosted Brandon’s confidence, and confirmed he loved the art of Modeling. He practiced every day and continued to study top male models gaining extensive knowledge and creating his own look, walk, and style. He does his own research on upcoming auditions in surrounding cities, the criteria required, and submits his information.

Brandon attended several auditions in many cities captivating and astounding the judges by his mature look and audacious walk.

 He has been in several shows spearheaded by Local stylist Mr. Torrence Taylor who formed Nola Nobles of New Orleans, in which Brandon is also a member.

Brandon was Selected by Tracy Dundas, President/Executive Producer of New Orleans Fashion Week to model in the National Black Chamber of Commerce Fusion of Business Fashion & Art Show July 2016 for designer Kano Branon and African designer Sukena Toure. Brandon has also participated in Lake Charles Fashion Week Spring and Fall Collection spearheaded by Julie Branon, Jackson, Mississippi Fashion Week Spearheaded by Kenneth Marshall, and Columbus, Ohio Fashion Week spearheaded by Thomas McClure.

The summer 2016 Brandon created a Go Fund Me to raise money to go to New York to visit several Modeling agencies. Brandon reached his goal, and created a strategic plan to visit many agencies that offered open calls and also boldly visited those that required online submissions only.

 Although Brandon is the epitome of a Happy, Positive, God-Fearing young man, he was unfortunately a victim of bullying. He opened up about his experience in a

Self- Documentary filmed and directed himself. He transformed that negative period in his life by telling other teens how he dealt with it, and to speak up about it to someone you trust, and not self- internalize your feelings, which often lead to deep depression and/or suicide. Brandon stated,” I realized I didn’t have the problem, but the Bully did, Bullies often hurt others because they are hurting inside, they are reaching out for attention, but in a negative way.”

He will continue to be an inspiring, encouraging role model for the youth, even amidst peers who criticize going against the “In Crowd” notion.  Many students have either told him in person, or via social media that he has inspired them in many ways, or simply made their day by his BIG smile, enthusiastic nature, and supporting presence. He enjoys assisting the special needs students to art class, and did so since Junior High. He truly loves to help others who are in need, and is planning a teen driven event to feed the homeless.

 One of his goals is to become the first black teen top male model from New Orleans and help others teen males like himself interested in getting into the industry because he has first -hand experience on how tough it is. Many celebrity kids are able to get opportunities, but he feels when he makes it, it’ll be more rewarding because he worked hard for it, he is self-taught, and faith in God will give him the desires of his heart.






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